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Audi Q5 Daytime Running Light Repair

The daytime running light is a daytime running light installed on the front of the vehicle body, which makes it easier for people to recognize the vehicle when driving during the day. Its function is not to enable the driver to see the road clearly, but to let others know that a car is coming. Therefore, installing this light can improve driving safety even more.

Let Iautofitting explain why the daytime running lights of Audi Q5 are not on

Reasons for the failure of daytime running lights:
1. Turn off the daytime running lights in the vehicle settings;
2. The fuse of the daytime running light is blown: For the blown fuse, the left and right sides are usually off. If only one side is off, it should not be a problem with the fuse.
3. Harness failure: check the wiring harness between the headlight control module and the daytime running lights;
4. Light guide ring driver failure: for example, the driver plug is loose or poorly connected;

5. Daytime running light bulb problem: If the quality of the bulb filament is defective, its resistance will increase as the temperature rises, which will cause the working current to decrease, thereby making the daytime running light go out. 6. Headlight control module and driver failure: For example, the headlight module is damp and flooded, which will easily cause the headlight control module to fail.

Audi Q5 DRL
What should we do?
1. Eliminate problems with settings, fuses, and wiring harnesses;

2. If there is only a problem on one side of the left and right, we can first swap the drivers of the left and right headlights. If the fault is also swapped, then the problem is with the driver; if the fault persists, then the driver is okay. At this time, we will swap the left and right bulbs again. If the fault is also swapped, then it is the bulb problem; if the fault persists, the bulb is fine. You can perform the next check.
2.1. Try to program the headlight control module, as ballast;
2.2. Check the light guide ring driver and its plug connectors;
2.3. Replace the headlight control module;

3. If the left and right sides are not bright, you can check according to the following steps:
3.1. Check the bulb and DRL;
3.2. Check the headlight driver;
3.3. Try to program the headlight control module;
3.4. Check the light guide ring driver and its plug connectors;
3.5. Replace the headlight control module.


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