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Porsche Cayenne headlight replacement

Why should the Porsche Cayenne's lights be modified? The main reason is that the brightness of the original car's light is aging during a long period of use, and the headlight brightness is not as bright as when it was just bought.

The Porsche Cayenne headlights are retrofitted with HELLA 5 dual-lens lenses, Osram CBH, and Iautofitting HID ballast. The brightness of the illumination has increased significantly, the uniformity of the illumination has increased significantly, and the field of vision at night has been broadened. The blind spots have also decreased. Cayenne lights are modified to make night driving more safe and comfortable.

Remove the headlights

Porsche Cayenne headlight

Preparing construction kit: HELLA 5 double light lens, Osram D1S bulb, Iautofitting HID ballast

Porsche Cayenne 2011-2013 Original D1S Headlight Ballast

The internal structure of the headlights is more complicated. The lens has a follow-up function

Porsche Ballast replacement

There is no obvious change in the appearance of the headlights after the upgrade, and the follow-up function is retained

Cayenne D1S Headlight Ballast

Light effects after upgrade

Porsche Headlight Ballast OEM 7P5907381A for Cayenne 2011-2013 Original AFS Control Unit

Porsche Headlight Ballast AFS Control Unit

Porsche Cayenne HID Ballast:






Porsche Panamera HID Ballast:




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