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How do auto parts distributors collaborate with manufacturers?

Today's business is not as good as before, and the economic form is not good, but the sales tasks of auto parts manufacturers have increased year by year. Manufacturers have difficulties, and auto parts dealers also have difficulties. So how can auto parts dealers collaborate with manufacturers to break through the difficulties?

Auto parts dealers need to have the courage to expand the market. With the confidence to be the first in the region, industry, and brand, we can look to the future, plan our own development strategy, work steadily, and work together with manufacturers to achieve coordinated development.
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To help dealers build teams. Regardless of the size of auto parts dealers, brand manufacturers should guide auto parts dealers to rationalize the organizational structure and division of functions of the team. Through the three aspects of structure, division of labor and values, the auto parts dealer's own team management is not chaotic.

We must be considerate of auto parts dealers and carry out scientific management. In the management of daily dealers, timely summarize and optimize the problems and practices that occur, and adjust and improve the model of the process system, so as to more effectively support the auto parts dealers in improving their business.

It is necessary to guide dealers to reorganize the incentive policy. Develop different commission ratios for targeted incentives. In this way, business people are successfully guided to achieve their preferred focus sales.

It is necessary to adjust the strategy according to the different markets faced by local auto parts dealers. Based on the differences in local conditions, manufacturers must formulate sales strategies that match the local market, carry out targeted marketing and sales activities, and improve sales performance.

Whether it is a brand dealer or an auto parts dealer, a brand dealer assists an auto parts dealer in order to be able to gain a firm foothold in some regions; while auto parts dealers and brand owners work together to promote sales and form such an "iron" This relationship brings about a win-win situation for both parties.

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