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The importance of ballasts in upgrading xenon headlights

Upgrading xenon headlights is the most popular modification method for the majority of riders. Xenon lamps are becoming more and more familiar to most people. As a component of xenon lamps, the existence of the ballast has always been relatively low, but it is an essential part. So what is a stabilizer? What's the function? Let's find out next.

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What is a ballast

The full name High Intensity Discharge is the HID often mentioned in our daily mouth. High pressure gas discharge lamps are mainly composed of HID bulbs, ballasts, power adapter cables and accessories. Xenon) and inert gas such as iodide. The moment the power of the xenon lamp was turned on, the ballast boosted the 12V voltage on the car to 23000V instantly, and used this high-intensity voltage to activate the HID bulb to produce a strong light between the two poles, so that the bulb reached high-brightness lighting.

The importance of ballasts in upgrading xenon headlights

1.Protection function

1) Over-voltage protection: When the DC voltage of the power supply exceeds 16V or 30V, the ballast will automatically stop working and the output power will not exceed 38W or 53W to protect the ballast and prevent damage to the HID bulb.

2) Low voltage operation and protection: When the DC voltage of the power supply is at 9V or 20V, the booster can work. When it is lower than 7V or 18V, the ballast will automatically stop working to avoid damage.

3) No-load protection: When the ballast is not connected to the light bulb and is in the no-load state, the ballast will automatically stop working to prevent high-voltage electricity from harming the staff.

4) Short circuit protection: When the ballast encounters an unexpected situation and is in a short circuit state, the ballast will automatically stop working to avoid damage.

5) Reverse connection protection: When the stabilizer is installed, when the operator mistakenly makes the positive and negative poles of the input power reversely connected, the stabilizer automatically stops working to ensure that the stabilizer is not damaged.

6) Waterproof performance: The organic silicon sealed circuit board and the organic silicon sealed ring are used to seal the outlet to ensure that the ballast does not leak.

2.Radiation interference

1) The relative value of the standard radio interference does not exceed --70DB, and the absolute value is less than 20 microwatts. No noise appears in the FM radio of the car in actual use. The radio interference of this product is less than -90DB and less than 5 microwatts.

2) Reverse current interference: When the ballast is working, the measured ripple at the wiring does not exceed 300MV, and the actual measurement is about 150MV-250MV (to avoid interference with the electrical work on the car)

3.Quick start function

When the input current of the power supply is a standard voltage, the current is not less than about 8.0A measured, so that the luminous flux of the connected xenon lamp reaches 20% of the standard brightness within 1 second, and the luminous flux reaches 80% of the standard brightness within 4 seconds.

4. Constant power performance

When the voltage is input, the output power of the ballast can be kept constant at 35W or 50W (the deviation is within 3W), which protects the HID bulb from damage.

headlight hid ballast

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