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What should we do if there is fog inside the car headlights?

No matter it is ordinary halogen headlights, xenon headlights, or headlights with LED light groups, there is a vent rubber tube at the position of the rear cover of the headlights. When the headlights light up, even when the headlights are in use A large amount of heat will be generated. The role of the ventilation pipe is to discharge this heat as far as possible from the headlights to maintain the normal working temperature of the headlights, and also to ensure the stable use of the hid ballast, LED angel eyes, turn signals and control module.

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Fog cause of headlights

The moisture in the air will enter the headlight through the ventilation tube and attach to the lampshade. As the water vapor gathers, the water droplets will flow down the lampshade. This situation is mostly caused by large temperature differences, and it is most likely to occur in winter and rainy seasons. After the lamp is turned on for a period of time, the mist will be discharged out of the lamp with the hot air through the ventilation pipe, which will basically not damage the headlights and electrical circuits.

In addition to changes in the weather, human factors can also cause the lights to become "tears", such as wading a car or washing a car. When the vehicle is wading, because the engine and the exhaust system are both relatively large heat sources, a large amount of water vapor will be formed when the rainwater drips on it. Along the air duct, some of the water vapor will enter the headlight.

How to deal with it?

If you see that the headlights only form water vapor below and the tops are still clean, it is generally a normal condition of fogging. It is recommended that you put a desiccant in and turn on the headlights frequently. Dry the inside by turning on the lights. Water vapor can usually dissipate in about a week.

If the water inside the headlight is serious, then remove it and open the lamp cover. After drying, check the surface of the headlight for damage or possible leakage. If no abnormality is found, Rangu recommends replacement. Headlight back cover seal and snorkel.

In winter and rainy seasons, Wakaya recommends that it is best to get into the habit of regularly checking the lights on the vehicle, especially after the vehicle is wading. Early detection, early remediation, and timely elimination of failures in the nascent stage are the only options for car maintenance.


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