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What should you do when BMW daytime running lights turn yellow?

The development of the automobile industry is obvious to all. From the very beginning, the automobile has become a symbol of personal character and taste. As a result, various rich configurations of cars slowly appear in people's vision.

The dynamic shape of the daytime running lights adds a touch of dynamic and fashion to the vehicle. It is a warning light installed on the front of the vehicle to make it easier to identify when driving during the day. It is not used for lighting, just to allow other vehicles to see themselves more clearly, it belongs to the category of signal lights.

The daytime running lights of the BMW series are simple in shape and look very beautiful with the original car's far and near beam split design! However, with the use of time, it is easy to have a problem, that is, the daytime running light suddenly turns yellow!
BMW angel eyes
At present, daytime running lights basically use LED light sources, which have the characteristics of low power consumption and high brightness. But LED lamp beads are difficult to dissipate, which affects the quality of LED headlights! Due to the high temperature and year-round use, the LED light source drive module was eventually burned out! There are problems with angel eyes and yellowing of the daylight!
BMW angel eyes module

Solution: You can directly change to a new drive module. The problem can be solved easily! We have high-quality angel eyes, turn signals, and daytime running lights.

BMW headlight update


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