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Advices on retrofitting car lights and ballasts

At present, there are a wide variety of products in the refitting market, including stabilizers, xenon bulbs, high-brightness xenon bulbs, lenses, easy-to-change parts and so on. Stabilizer alone, there are quick-start Stabilizer, Decoder Stabilizer, 55W quick-start Stabilizer, quick-start decoding stabilizer and other types. Numerous well-known brands, product categories of hundreds of millions, but build a set of car lighting system basic collocation, but there are skills, all kinds of equipment have to choose carefully to get the best results. So, how do stabilizers and xenon bulbs fit together in car lighting?

Only through impedance matching, power matching and CANBUS protocol matching, can the stability of Xenon lamp and Xenon Lamp Work Safely and fully exploit their maximum potential.

Benz ballast
What's The impedance match?
Put aside the boring theoretical knowledge, a simple explanation on the main machine can withstand a certain range of impedance stabilizer. Only when the impedance is connected to the car in this range can the stabilizer work safely and provide the best power output! Different types of power stabilizers can withstand different impedances. For example, why some quick-start stabilizer, installed in this car, normal, change the brand of the car, often a light, a light! Or one side is always shining, is the problem of impedance, after all, each car starting voltage is different, and will produce impedance. This kind strictly speaking, is not the stabilizer product quality problem, but the design problem, may the scheme engineer did not consider the impedance problem!

What's the power match?
When we do power matching, we must first make clear the usual nominal power of the two indicators: maximum power and continuous output power (RMS) .

There are a number of brands of stabilizers and xenon bulbs for maximum power evaluation equipment. It's actually a very unscientific way of judging. The nominal value of the power of a device in the event of physical or electrical damage within a very short period of time, usually just a few milliseconds, in the event of failure.
Sustained output power (RMS) is the power that can be operated continuously without any failure. Only this value can truly reflect the working state of the device.

Usually many people may lead to the xenon Lamp Coil burn-out of the main factor caused by the power of the stabilizer than the Xenon Lamp Bulb Power. So when it comes to matching equipment, the customary stabilizer is more powerful than the bulb. This is a very common mistake!

In fact, the constant output power of the stabilizer is less than that of the xenon bulb. Because if the stabilizer's constant output is 35W, the bulb's constant output is 55W. When connected to the system, the stabilizer is already operating at full capacity once the engine is cranked up and the output is left at 35W. And xenon bulbs have a lot of margin, once the user continues to increase the horsepower, when the output power exceeds the stabilizer's continuous output power value, it will begin to produce failure! In the professional headlight industry known as the "stabilizer killer. ". This failure of the signal, even if small power can produce similar DC electrical signals, easily burn out the XENON LAMP COIL!

So in the field of professional lighting, to maintain the stabilizer "margin" is an important factor in the system. Customary practice to ensure the stability of the continuous output power of the host, for Xenon lamp continuous output power of 1.5 times! In car lights, because the electric energy in the car is extremely limited, every 1W of power is valuable, so the best option is to ensure that the constant output power of the stabilizer is slightly greater than that of the Xenon Bulb. Do not let the continuous power too small stabilizer to promote the continuous output of a large xenon light bulb.

Decode the Canbus Protocol Match
This type of vehicle, mainly with computer interference, this needs to be solved by the CANBUS stabilizer. Of course, the vehicle type, with power decoding, current detection protocol, interference, all of these have very high requirements for the Decoding Stabilizer Otherwise it will result in burning car and Xenon lamp normal power state, suggest to choose a more reputable decoder stabilizer manufacturers to match the light bulb, to avoid causing unnecessary losses, such as Maisse Decoder Stabilizer

As long as the above-mentioned equipment matching principles, we can basically ensure that the Xenon Lamp and stabilizer host in a safe state, and can restore the ultimate performance of the lighting effect.



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