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Retrofitting headlights is far from simple

Today, as the headlights of cars become more and more fancy, the yellowish glow of halogen lamps seems to be a little bit "fragile". Not only the range is short, but also the brightness is low. At the same time, with the reduction of the cost of lamp modification, many car owners simply replaced the halogen lamps with xenon headlights or LED lights.

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BMW hid ballast replacement

Although the modified lamp can avoid the disadvantages of halogen lamps, the question that comes with it is that it can really achieve the expected results? Is changing the headlights really a simple matter of simply changing the bulb? Let's talk briefly to everyone.

After the popularization of LEDs, we all know the advantages of LED lights: "bright and power-saving". LED lights with the same wattage are more than three times brighter than halogen lights, and they start instantly, that is, they light up and have a long life. However, LED has a significant disadvantage, which is that it has poor heat resistance and poor heat dissipation performance. As the temperature rises, the LED lamp beads are easily damaged, and serious fires can occur. Therefore, those models equipped with LED headlights will design a cooling system for the LED headlights so that it can work stably. And if we directly change the halogen headlights to LED headlights when we modify the headlights, it is easy to cause poor heat dissipation. This will drastically reduce the life of the LED lamp, and in severe cases will catch fire, causing unnecessary losses.

BMW LED angel eye

Although the xenon lamp is also very bright and has a long life, it is more troublesome to modify. The first is the complicated structure. If the modification technician does not have professional knowledge and excellent technology, it is difficult for the xenon headlamp to exert its advantages. Because the conversion of xenon headlights may not only require cutting and sealing of the headlights, the original lensless models also have to be equipped with lenses. Some refitting shops did not install lenses when refitting the xenon headlights to consumers. As a result, the light was diffused, the driver could not see the road ahead, and shook the oncoming car terribly. Our company has high-quality OEM headlight hid ballast control unit for everyone to replacement.

BMW control module

In addition to solving the problems of each type of light source, they also have a common problem, which is to modify the car circuit. Although the laws of many countries do not explicitly prohibit the modification of headlights, there are restrictions on changing the car circuit. To put it plainly, it is not allowed to move the circuit. Because from the current market conditions, it is difficult for consumers to have a thorough understanding of these modified products.

If you buy a product from a regular manufacturer, it ’s okay. Today, when counterfeit and shoddy products are popular, it is normal to encounter a counterfeit product. Even a regular manufacturer ’s product does not meet the electrical standards prescribed by the vehicle, and the modification technology is not available at home. Are prone to problems. Because the current vehicle control circuit is connected to the on-board computer, any problem may cause the computer to be confused. Therefore, improper modification is likely to lead to chaos, dimming of light indicators, and even failure of the transmission control system, misalignment, and disorder, which will cause huge hidden dangers to driving safety.

benz control module

In addition, due to the different principles of halogen, xenon, and LED lights, their focusing methods are also different. Some modification shops do not understand the structure of the light source, causing a lot of jokes. For example, some modification shops will directly install LED bulbs or xenon lamps on the reflector bowl of halogen lamps, which will lead to problems such as poor spotlight, divergent lights, and lack of concentration. It is better to change them.

BMW driver computer

Speaking of which, everyone should know that changing and modifying headlights is not only a set of professional and complicated procedures, but also a test of the ability of consumers to identify fakes, the technical level of modified shops, etc. Causes security issues. Finally, we do not recommend that you modify the headlights too brightly. Although your vision is better, the other side of the road is not so good. Such selfish behavior is not only irresponsible to the entire society, but also to itself.


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