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How to judge whether the bulb or the ballast is broken?

Car headlight ballast is an important component in the lighting system, also called HID electronic ballast. When the xenon lamp is off, is the bulb broken or the ballast broken? Many car owners will have this kind of doubt. The following will teach you how to judge that the stabilizer is broken.
bmw headlight ballast

Method for judging whether headlight ballast is damaged

1. When the xenon lamp is off, unscrew the unlit bulb and replace it with a new bulb. If the new bulb is on, it is a problem with the bulb; if it is not on, there is a problem with the ballast.

2. Check the interface of the stabilizer wiring harness. If the socket is loose or there is a problem with the line, the stabilizer will fail; if the plug is normal, then it is the problem of the stabilizer.

Xenon lamp ballast failure characteristics

Fault 1: The headlights work normally after installation, but the headlight fault alarm light of the instrument panel lights up

This is a very common failure, which may be due to the mismatch between the xenon lamp and the ballast. You should choose the same voltage xenon lamp and ballast.

benz xenon ballast
Fault two: After installation, the light bulb flashes or often goes out or the left and right lights are not on at the same time

Most of the causes of such failures are line problems, which may be caused by excessive starting current of the ballast. At this time, you need to check whether the working current of the headlight circuit is normal.


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