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the most complete BMW model code list

BMW's car series has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (discontinued), i, M, X, and Z series. Among them, 1 series is a small car, 2 series is a small coupe, 3 series is a medium car, 4 series is a medium coupe (including convertible), 5 series is a medium and large car, and 6 series is a medium and large coupe (including convertible) , 7 series is a luxury D-class car, i series is a BMW electric car and hybrid series, M is a high-performance and sports car version of BMW, X series is BMW's specific SUV (sports utility vehicle) car series, and Z series is BMW's entry-level sports car. The latest 4 Series has been released. The mass production version of the BMW 4 Series is basically transformed from the 4 Series Coupe concept car, replacing the original 3 Series Coupe.

The first number of the model is the serial number, and the second and third numbers indicate the displacement (but now some models do not follow this rule, for example, the actual displacement of the 335i is 3.0 liters, and the actual displacement of the 523i is 2.5 liters) , The letter i means fuel injection, A means automatic transmission, C means double seats, S means super luxury, and d means diesel. For example, it is a 3 series sedan, the displacement is 1800CC, fuel injection, automatic transmission, it is 318i (A is generally omitted), and the 3 series two-door version is Ci (such as 325Ci); there are also Li models Logo (such as 530Li 760Li), "L" means an extended version. There are two sports car models: 6 series and Z series (6 series is a luxury coupe), the main models are 630i, 650i, Z3, Z4, Z8 (Z3 and Z8 have been discontinued), the larger the number behind, the more advanced. SUV models start with X, and the representative models are X3 and X5.

BMW code

At present, BMW's car series mainly include:
1 series (including 5-door version, double-door version, convertible version), the main models are 116i, 120i, 130i, 135i, 118d, 120d, 123d

 3 series (including sedan, two-door hardtop version, two-door convertible version), the main models are 320i, 325i, 330i, 335i, 318d

5 series (523i, 525i, 528i, 530i, 540i, 550i, 530d, 535d, 523Li, 525Li, 530Li)

6 series (including hardtop version, convertible version), the main models are 630i and 650i

7 series (730i, 740i, 750i, 730d, 740d, 730Li, 740Li, 750Li, 760Li, 760Li personalized version)

M series (M3, M5, M6, Z4M)

X3 (2.5i, 3.0i)

X5 (3.0i, 4.8i, 3.0d)

X6 (30i, 50i)

Z4 (2.5Si, 3.0Si, 3.0i hard top)

And new models like X4, X1, Z1 will also be available in the next few years!

If you can skillfully use the internal code (sometimes called the chassis code) to refer to the model, you are really a BMW fan.
BMW's internal code name starts with E, which refers to the German "Entwicklung", which means development. The code name of "E+number" has been used for more than 40 years, and then the number has been increasing continuously, with a maximum of three digits appearing, and then it was changed to the mode of "F+number". now what? BMW is using a new code name model of "G+Digital" to refer to its future models.

1. BMW internal code G:
G01: The third-generation BMW X3 (2017-)
G11: The sixth-generation BMW 7 Series (2015-)
G12: The sixth-generation BMW 7-series long-axis version (2015-)
G20: The seventh-generation BMW 3 Series (2018-)
G21: The travel version of the seventh-generation BMW 3 Series (2019-)
G22: Next-generation BMW 4 Series Coupe (2020-)
G23: Next-generation BMW 4 Series Convertible (2020-)
G30: BMW 5 Series Sedan (2017-)
G31: BMW 5 Series Travel Edition (2017-)
G38: BMW 5 Series long axle version (2017-)
G80: The sixth-generation BMW M3 (2020-)
G82: Next-generation BMW M4 Coupe (2021-)
G83: Next-generation BMW M4 convertible version (2021-)
2. BMW internal code F:
F01: The fifth-generation BMW 7 Series (2008-)
F02: The fifth-generation BMW 7-series long-axis version (2008-)
F03: The fifth-generation BMW 7-series bulletproof car (2008-)
F04: BMW ActiveHybrid 7 (2009-)
F06: BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe (2012-)
F07: BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo (2009-)
F10: The sixth-generation BMW 5-series sedan (2010-)
F11: The sixth-generation BMW 5 Series Travel Edition (2010-)
F12: The third-generation BMW 6-series convertible version (2011-)
F13: The third-generation BMW 6-series Coupe (2011-)
F15: The third-generation BMW X5 (2014-)
F16: The second-generation BMW X6 (2014-)
F18: The sixth-generation BMW 5 Series long-axis version (2010-)
F20: The second-generation BMW 1 Series five-door version (2011-)
F21: The second-generation BMW 1-series three-door version (2011-)
F22: BMW 2 Series Coupe (2013-)
F23: BMW 2 Series Convertible (2014-)
F25: The second-generation BMW X3 (2011-)
F26: BMW X4 (2014-)
F30: The sixth-generation BMW 3-series sedan (2011-)
F31: The sixth-generation BMW 3 Series Travel Edition (2012-)
F32: BMW 4 Series Coupe (2013-)
F33: BMW 4 Series Convertible (2014-)
F34: BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo (2013-)
F35: The sixth-generation BMW 3 Series long-axis version (2012-)
F36: BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe (2014-)
F45: BMW 2 Series Active Tourer (2014-)
F46: BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer (2015-)
F48: The second-generation BMW X1 (2015-)
F49: The second-generation BMW X1 long-axis version (2016-)
F52: BMW 1 Series Sedan (2016-)
F87: BMW M2 Coupe (2016-)

3. BMW internal code E:
E3: BMW 2500/2800 sedan (1968-1977)
E9: BMW 2500/2800 Coupe (1968-1974)
E12: The first-generation BMW 5 Series (1972-1981)
E21: The first-generation BMW 3 Series (1976-1983)
E23: The first-generation BMW 7 Series (1978-1987)
E24: The first-generation BMW 6-series (1977-1989)
E25: BMW Turbo Concept Car (1972)
E26: BMW M1 supercar (1978-1981)
E28: BMW's second-generation 5 series (1982-1988)
E30: BMW 2nd Generation 3 Series (1984-1992)
E31: BMW 8 Series (1989-1999)
E32/2: BMW's second-generation 7-series long-axis version (1987-1994)
E34: BMW's third-generation 5 series (1989-1995)
E36: BMW 3rd Generation 3 Series (1992-1999)
E36/5: BMW 3 Series Compact (1994-2000)
E36/7: BMW Z3 Roadster (1995-2002)
E36/8: BMW Z3 Coupe (1999-2002)
E38: BMW's third-generation 7 series (1994-2001)
E38/2: BMW's third-generation 7-series long-axis version (1994-2001)
E38/3: BMW's third-generation 7-series bulletproof car (1998-2001)
E39: BMW's fourth-generation 5 series (1996-2004)
E46: BMW 4th Generation 3 Series (1999-2005)
E46/5: The second-generation BMW 3 Series Compact (2001-2004)
E52: BMW Z8 (2000-2003)
E53: BMW's first-generation X5 (2000-2006)
E60: BMW 5th Generation 5 Series (2004-2010)
E61: BMW's fifth-generation 5 Series Travel Edition (2004-2010)
E63: BMW's second-generation 6-series Coupe (2003-2010)
E64: BMW's second-generation 6-series convertible version (2004-2010)
E65: BMW's fourth-generation 7 series (2001-2008)
E66: BMW's fourth-generation 7-series long-axis version (2002-2008)
E67: BMW's fourth-generation 7-series bulletproof car (2001-2008)
E68: BMW Hydrogen 7 Series (2005-2007)
E70: BMW's second-generation X5 (2007-2013)
E71: BMW's first-generation X6 (2008-2014)
E72: BMW ActiveHybrid X6 (2009-2010)
E81: BMW's first-generation 1-series three-door hatchback (2007-2012)
E82: BMW's first-generation 1-series two-door Coupe (2007-2013)
E83: BMW's first-generation X3 (2003-2010)
E84: BMW's first-generation X1 (2009-2015)
E85: BMW's first-generation Z4 Roadster (2002-2008)
E86: BMW's first-generation Z4 Coupe (2006-2008)
E87: BMW's first-generation 1-series five-door hatchback (2004-2012)
E88: BMW's first-generation 1-series two-door convertible (2007-2013)
E89: BMW's second-generation Z4 Roadster (2009-2016)
E90: BMW's fifth-generation 3-series sedan (2005-2012)
E91: BMW's fifth-generation 3 Series Travel Edition (2005-2012)
E92: BMW's fifth-generation 3-series Coupe (2006-2013)
E93: BMW's fifth-generation 3 series convertible version (2007-2013)


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